Dashboard Section Tile / Div Equivalent?

  • 8 February 2022
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Hi all! Still relatively green in the Looker space, but as I’ve been working in Looker, I’ve realized I might be missing (or there might be an opportunity for) a really simple quality of life improvement in the dashboard editor.

I’ve been working on some extensive, highly repetitive dashboards lately which involve copying the same 6-8 views and customizing them for different KPIs. Because of the collaborative nature of how we handle dashboard development in my org, I’m realizing that repetitively reorganizing this dashboard will be unduly time consuming. This made me think back to my web dev days and realize that I really wish dashboards had a tile type equivalent to a div block that could hold multiple tiles for easy rearranging and copy/pasting (i.e. an empty block that could hold several views and a text block and move as if it were a single tile instead of rearranging one at a time and potentially losing or grabbing the wrong view in the shuffle).

Probably too simple a problem to be worth real attention, but I’m curious if others have had the same thought. Has anyone perhaps found a Block that accomplishes this? There seems to be some level of interest in a similar feature here, though the focus seems less on building and more on export controls. It’s also 3 years old, so maybe there’s more interest/need/nuance now.

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