How can I allow a user to receive emails again after they clicked "unsubscribe"?

  • 24 May 2022
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I am a looker admin and a few users have clicked “Unsubscribe” on a scheduled email they had been receiving.  Please note that these users do not have a looker account, they are just receiving scheduled emails containing looker data.  These users currently do not receive ANY emails from Looker anymore, not just the email from the schedule where they clicked “unsubscribe”.

I have tried the following steps to resolve this, but none have worked:

  • I removed their names from the distribution list in the schedule and added them back in.
  • I created a brand new schedule from the same look.
  • I created a brand new look and added a new schedule to that look.
  • I have tried searching the community forums but I don’t see anything showing how to fix this.  I saw this post, but the solution proposed does not actually work 
  • I have tried checking the user settings for these users, but there is nothing in the menu about changing email preferences for other users (I did this under an Admin account)

Please advise on how I can fix this.  Thank you.

1 reply

Update: I heard back from the Looker help desk on this.  There is no way to do this using Looker.  You have to contact the help desk and they need to make the change manually in the backend.