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Setting up an access_filter that applies to only specific users

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Last tested: Mar 27, 2019

Every user who accesses an Explore that has an access_filter must have a value in the referenced user attribute, including administrators. More information can be found in this Community post.

One way we can work around this is by using a CASE WHEN in a sql_always_where of an Explore, like so:

sql_always_where: CASE WHEN '{{ _user_attributes['attribute_name'] }}' = '' THEN 1=1 ELSE ${view_name.dim_name} = '{{ _user_attributes['attribute_name'] }}' END


What this does is it applies the condition 1=1 for users who do not have a value set for that user attribute. If we want a more secure where clause that uses a default value instead of no filter, we can do something like this:


${view_name.dim_name} = (

CASE WHEN '{{ _user_attributes['attribute_name'] }}' = '' THEN <default_value>

ELSE '{{ _user_attributes['attribute_name'] }}'





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