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Why can't admins see data when we implement User Attributes with Access Filters?

  • 5 April 2021
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Last Tested: Apr 29, 2019


Even Admins Must Have Filter Values Set in the UI

Every user who accesses an explore that uses access_filter must have a value in the referenced user attribute. This even applies to Admins, despite the fact that they can see all data. Users who don’t have a user attribute value set will receive an error when trying to view the explore.

As discussed in this section of Looker Docs, to give an admin or other user access to:

  • all values of a string field, use a %
  • all values of a number field, use >0 or NOT NULL.
  • For more information about using access filters with user attributes, see this section of the User Attributes documentation for Admins.


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