Data Explorers Guild events are RETURNING! And we're looking for speakers

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After a few months of hiatus and transition, I couldn’t be happier to announce:


Data Explorers Guild events are coming back in full force! 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️


In case you don’t know, the Data Explorers Guild (DEG) is a friendly group of data enthusiasts that get together virtually each month to learn from one another, share experiences with Looker and data, and explore fun datasets in a collaborative environment. 

We’re still locking in the details for the next upcoming event and will share more on that soon. For now, we’re looking for speakers!


Sign up to speak at one of our monthly meetups!


You don’t need to have participated in past DEG meetups to speak, just a desire to share your experience with Looker, data, or any other relevant topic you’re passionate about. 


Virtual meeting fatigue is real, BUT this is truly a worthwhile way to plug into a great network of data-minded people while having a really fun time all the while. 


PS. If you have any ideas for a future event topic, post them here! 😎 

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