Unable to create explore, model file doesn't recognize views exist

  • 24 September 2019
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I created a project > Model file > Views but when I try to create an explore in the model file using one of the existing views I get this error, "

Explore name must match a view name, or the explore must provide a ‘from:’ or ‘view_name:’ property" even though the view I am referencing does exist.

6 replies

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You got “include: *. View” attribute in the model file?

Yes, and that too is giving me an error : This include does not match any files

Its like the views (which have been committed to production) don’t even exist as far as the model file are concerned.

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Maybe you have somehow messed up the file extensions!? check github to get a clearer picture of the file names.

Did you ever resolve this error? I am having the same issue , I have the include: “*.view” and 6 explores already in the model pushed to prod.

When I created the table it defaulted into a view, I had to drag and drop out of that folder before I could use it.


The name of the view file and the view in the view file may be different!