Maintaining drill paths for custom HTML fields

  • 8 December 2017
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This doesn’t works for my case. Can anyone help?

5 replies

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What about it doesn’t work?

Actually it worked, I had issue because of more than one logical statements and had to add the same code for drill on all the statements that made it work. But I wish if there was a better solution than that tho. Thanks for getting back!

Hi , is there any way we can use the #drillmenu of a different field . i know i can use the link of a different field directly , but in that case , when clicked inside the single viz it directly goes to the url specified in the link . i want to display a drill menu of a another field .

the reason is my single value viz comprise of multiple measures rendered into one and i would like a drillmenu for each of the measure

Hey there, I’m using this pattern for one of my measures:

measure: SummaryBillAmount {

html: {{ rendered_value }};;

type: sum

label: “Total Gross Billing”

value_format_name: usd

sql: ${bill_amount} ;;

drill_fields: [finance_detail*]

The issue I’m running into is that when I use the totals feature I can not drill down unless I comment out the HTML part of the measure. It appears to be hyper linked upon hover but when I click on it nothing happens. I am on Looker version 6.24

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You probably want to use {{ linked_value}}, Tiger, instead of {{ rendered_value }}. That preserves the linking/drilling behavior.