Filter Suggestion not working in some cases when using 'sql_always_where'

  • 30 March 2022
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Hi all, 

I am relatively new to Looker and have been working on a few pre-existing dashboards for my organisation.

The question I have is that the suggestions in my explores do not work consistently when I apply the always where constraint. The name suggestions will pop up with all the values without using the ‘where’ clause. However, I would like to filter it based on a condition.

For example. I have a client table with ‘id’, ‘name’ and ‘type’(in this case there are 2 types: A and B).

I want the client name suggestions to be filtered by type and that is when I use the always where constraint. It works for majority of my use cases. However, for 2 explores (Sample_A and Sample_B) in particular it won’t show any suggestions. Both explores contain data for only on 1 client type. So I want the suggestions to filter accordingly.

To give you a bit more context. 

The explore in question:

explore: Sample_A {
  sql_always_where: ${customer.type}  =  'A' ;;
  join: customer {
    relationship: many_to_one
    sql_on: ${} = ${Sample_A.client_id} ;;

  always_filter: {
    filters: [timestamp_filter: "7 days"]


This removes the suggestions completely. If I use it without the ‘where’ constraint, I get a list of all client names.

Could someone tell me if I’m missing something? 
I assume if it works for one case it should work for another as well.


Thanks in advance.

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