Filter line chart by complete week

  • 25 January 2023
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Hey all,


Looking through the community, there is a lot to learn about Looker studio. I was hoping I could pick somebodies brains. 


I’m trying to filter a line chart to only display the last completed week. Currently, it shows the previous week, but also shows data for this week which is useless as it’s incomplete and just adds confusion to the chart (I’ll attach a picture).



We’re currently in week 4, hence there isn’t complete data – I only need to review data from week 3 backwards. 

I’ve looked through the community, but can’t find an answer. It may be obvious through the interface, but I’ve had a look and can’t see it, it’s driving me bonkers!


Thanks for your time. 


All the best,




2 replies

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Actually, this community is specifically for Looker not Data Studio. Here are some details about how to get help for Data Studio: 



Whoops! Sorry Dawid, my mistake. 

Thanks for the heads up :)