Turner Broadcasting is hiring a Principle Looker Architect - Atlanta, GA

  • 15 January 2019
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Turner is building out a Center of Excellence for our BI Platforms starting with the BI product Looker. Looker is a next generation business intelligence and analytics platform. Turner’s brands and business use Looker as the technology of choice for data visualization, dashboarding and reporting. Looker is developed out by building semantic layers on top of data which can autogenerate performant SQL queries. The BI Platform Architect will launch our BI Platforms team by building out robust architecture, coding best practices, and support materials to enable the organization to use Looker more effectively. The Architect will work with our internal data engineering teams to tap into our data warehouses in an efficient, organized manner. The Architect will work with internal BI teams to build out useful tools for the BI developers and consumers. The Architect will lead internal BI Platform Admins to build out these tools and more effectively manage onboarding and platform monitoring.

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