Procore Technologies is Hiring an R&D Analytics Engineer

  • 12 March 2018
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Procore Technologies is hiring an R&D Analytics Engineer:

As an R&D Analytics Engineer at Procore, you will be working with people from every department, leveraging data from our vast data lakes to solve a plethora of business problems, using tools as simple as a SQL query, or as complex as a random forest machine learning algorithm. While the initial position will be focused on finding solutions to standard ad-hoc requests, and running specialized reports (mainly in SQL), this job comes with a huge potential for growth! Solving ad-hoc requests will lead to a greater understanding of the business, our customers, and the data that they produce - which will allow you to become more involved in some of the larger, more complex, long-term projects that our team is working on. These projects are often joint operations with our machine learning and data infrastructure teams, working on solutions to problems facing everyone from customers to the Executive team.

Great team to work with, awesome location and benefits.

Full description and application: Click Here!

also, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn for more info!

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