Flip CX Hiring Part-Time Analytics Engineer! (5-10 hrs/week to start)

  • 3 February 2023
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Hi! We’re looking for a part-time, hands-on Analytics Engineer - our current stack is:

  • Looker (BI)
  • Snowflake (data warehouse)
  • Matillion (ETL)
  • MongoDB (data lake)

I’m the CTO here at Flip and would be happy to chat with anyone interested in hearing more directly - just shoot me a reply here. Our current team is stronger on the BI side than data engineering - so you should be able to handle yourself on the data engineering end, even if you’re not a Looker whiz :)

If things go well, there’s space for more hours down the road, and even a full-time position!

Hourly rate depends on seniority and ability - likely between $50-100 on the ends of the spectrum.

Quick Intro On Flip (us!) - formerly “RedRoute”
At Flip, we’re creating the next generation of the over-the-phone voice assistant for customer service to have actual conversations with customers, instead of the bad IVR experiences everyone’s unfortunately so used to. We raised our seed round in 2022. 

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