Deliveroo is looking for senior analysts, data scientists and Looker experts

  • 4 April 2017
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Deliveroo is headquartered in London and operates in 12 countries.

We are rapidly expanding all of our data teams and we believe we’re creating a truly exceptional place to work & learn.

Please look under the Analytics and Product Team headings to see all our data roles (we’re even hiring a dedicated analytical recruiter to keep up with the pace!)

Feel free to stalk our data and engineering teams on linkedin - we have an awesome team to work alongside!

We also have roles not yet advertised - so speculative applications welcome, especially if you have looker experience (apply through the ‘Business Intelligence Analyst - Multiple Openings’ role and put a note in your cover letter or PM me directly).

We currently run Looker & Snowflake for our BI stack, Python & R for most other data related work.

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