ClassPass is hiring a Business Intelligence Manager (NYC)

  • 29 March 2017
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Come work & workout with us at ClassPass!

We are looking for a Looker expert and lover to lead BI 👓

In this role, you will manage the data and tools that power our business-side financial reporting and analytics functions. This role is responsible for architecting and maintaining the business logic underpinning our PostgreSQL analytics database, which brings together data from our production environment and third-party sources and transforms it into streamlined, nimble data tables that serve as the company’s “source of truth” for financial reporting and business insights. You’ll also assume full ownership of Looker, our third-party Business Intelligence software that employees use to access data and create KPI reports and dashboards. See more details in the job posting below.

Pleas reach out to me directly with questions and let me know if you are interested in applying!

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