Video Tutorial: How to automate Looker tasks with Cloud Functions and Google Sheets

  • 6 May 2022
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Do you find yourself being exhausted of having to constantly making new Looker accounts, or deleting inactive schedules on a request basic? How about automating these tasks so you could enjoy a slip of wine during a Friday evening? 👻

In this video, Martin and Lan (me 😊) team up to combine our Cloud Functions and Python knowledge to automate an administrative task with Looker. Watch this use case unfold and learn how you can leverage Google’s business intelligence and data analytics platform, Looker to increase your organization’s productivity. This video is part of the “Serverless Expeditions”, a series produced by Google Cloud Tech channel. 



Link to the video with code example → https://youtu.be/hQMZ5w9v4aA


Please let me know your comments and feedback, or any cool use cases you have been using with Cloud Functions and Looker 🤓

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