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  • 1 December 2022
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Looking for thoughts on ways to mass-update user time zones in Looker.  I’ve seen other discussions like this one

stating that because time zone is a system setting, it is not able to be updated via the API. shows that it’s not listed as an available option, either.  


I know that TZs are able to be updated in the UI portal, but if there are thousands of users, it becomes a very time consuming operation to update each one manually.  


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3 replies



What’s the best way to update user TZs through code (API, etc), as the previous note mentions it’s a system setting and there are difficulties in using the API to update that attribute.  

Hello CJC, 

At this time there is no programatic way of updating all users timezone via API. 

However, if this helps the admin does not really have to do this for all the users.

Users themselves can click on the profile icon / photo, go to account, update their timezone and save it. 

This will update the timezone for the user globally. 

For anyone who comes across this, I was able to write an update script to update each user’s timezone in the database’s user table as there were thousands of users to update and the UI wasn’t a feasible option.    


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