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  • 21 December 2020
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Hi guys! Could anyone help me understand about Looker licensing?


Today our contract had 170 users "Standard (Creator)" and 20 "Developer (Admin)", I have some questions:

  1. Are licenses classified according to what we set up in "permission sets"? (;
  2. Assigning a user to a "Developer (admin)" license also counts in the "Standard (Creator)" count or are they separate accounts?;
  3. Wouldn't the viewer license type have extra costs and have an unlimited quantity?;
  4. How does billing for apis calls work?


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2 replies

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I suspect specifics for 2,3,4 are based on your contract but for 1 I am fairly sure that numbers are sent from your instance to Looker HQ based on permissions as you say. There is a summary table in the database which is not exposed via system activity/ilooker explores that has a flag for each user stating what category of license they are.


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Hi @fonmarcelo 

For any question about your contract costs, what user types you’ve licensed, and API licensing, I recommend reaching out to

For self-serve monitoring of your usage of user licenses, the page at Admin > System Activity > User Activity (/admin/user_activity_dashboard) contains tiles that bucket your users into 5 categories, with admittedly different titles, but they are the logic that we use for these licensing measurements:

“Content Creators” are the “Standard (Creator)” users