Limiting Select Options in Timeframe filter for dashboard users

  • 3 March 2022
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I was wondering whethet it is possible to narrow down the selection option (within a filter) for dashboard users to a specific time frame?

For the context - I have uploaded some part of the data into BQ to present their analysis in Looker (let’s say only data since 2021 till now) and I don’t want dashboards’ users to try selecting any date ranges before the 2021.

Right now, the Timeframe filter type allows them to select any date range possible, however since there is no data before 2021 available they obtain ‘No results’ message.

Is they any way for Admin or Dev to narrow down their selection options so that it would not exceed the 2021 (fitting the data available) without the risk of causing the situation with ‘No results’ output? 

Please help, and of course shout if anything unclear!

Thanks in advance!

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