How to export a user access overview

  • 9 December 2020
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Hello Looker community!

I'm looking at Looker from a user access management perspective. In order to (periodically) review assigned user permissions we're looking for an overview of all users and which user groups / roles / attributes are assigned.


In most applications I've seen there is some build-in functionality to generate an user/permissions overview like this. Does anyone know if this is possible in Looker?


Finally, is it possible to generate a log file of all changes made to users/roles/permissions/attributes etc?

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1 reply

Userlevel 6

For reports on users, roles and permissions, you can use the system activity explores, such as /explore/system__activity/user

For user attribute values, these are encrypted in database, so you can’t directly use our system activity reports for them, but you can create a report via the API: