How can we give user permission to only view Looks but not user-defined Dashboards in a folder?

  • 28 February 2022
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Looker 22.2.21


Hello, hope you're doing well.

My question is how can we give user access to only looks in a folder, but not dashboards?

see_looks without see_user_dashboards results in a spinning wheel in embed content browser. It apprears that to only view looks and not dashboards is not possible.


For example:

  • user has access to folder. The folder contains both looks and dashboards.
  • user has see_looks permission.
  • user doesn’t have see_user_dashboards permission. 

Expected behavior: user should be able to view looks but not dashboards.

Current behavior: Nothing loads. Infinite spinning wheels. There’s a API call to get dashboards from Looker (e.g. GET api/internal/dataflux/dashboards?space_id=12845) which returns 404. It apprears that in the embed content browser, Looker makes a call to get dashboards, and since user doesn’t have see_user_dashboards permission, that call fails, and results in a spinning wheel. Even though user should only see looks. 


Can you please advise?

Is this a feature gap in Looker?


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