Explore Visibility Management at User/ User Group

  • 22 June 2022
  • 5 replies

Hi Looker

I'm looking for a way that I can manage explore visibility between different users or user groups.

For example could be a feature similar to setting a hidden: yes parameter for an explore.

This also can be set/customized at a user/user group level to limit what explore user can see or interact with from the explore field pickers, on the other end Looker should allow them to view content (looks and dashboards) built up on the hidden explore still no ability to modify/explore them.


I explored model-set and access-grant this seem to work but the only challenge is the user are completely not able to view the already existing looks/dashboards which were made from the explores with limited access to them.


5 replies

Userlevel 2

+1 on needing this! I need users to be able to see data in dashboards, but not be able to build from every explore. Without hiding every explore (and therefore causing developers issues), I need a workaround. Did you have any luck?

Userlevel 6

This can just be done with differing permissions in permission sets no? (excluding the car explore permission will not allow them to explore data in that explore but see looks/dashboards will have you covered)

Userlevel 2

@IanT I need all Looker users to be able to see all dashboard data. I need various sets of users to be able to create and use dashboards in their personal folders for different models depending on their job function.

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So just have many differing roles that have differing permissions. Explorer & Creator role and then just a content viewer role.

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@IanT  that won’t work because every user should be able to see dashboards for every underlying model. They just can’t explore/create in every model.