Configure git "production HTTPS credentials are failing"

  • 8 February 2023
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I’ve created a new project in development mode. I want to configure it to push it in a repo so other developers can access it.  

When configuring git I’m choosing “Use user attributes for username and personal access token”.


I’ve created user attributes to pass my github username and access token. I can select them from a dropdown menu in the development Mode Credentials section. that’s great. 

However I don’t understand what username and access token I should use for the Production Credentials section.


I’ve used the same as in the development mode credentials section but I have the following error: 

Verify authorization credentials failed

Your development HTTPS credentials are OK but the production HTTPS credentials are failing to authorize to the remote (Using HTTP/HTTPS authentication with username attribute "Github Username" and password attribute "Github Token" for development, and with username and password for production)


What’s the differences between Production Credentials and Development Mode Credentials exactly? Should they be different? 


Best answer by Simon Breton 19 February 2023, 10:07

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1 reply

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I’m still not sure exactly what’s the difference between Production Credentials and Development Mode Credentials but you can use the same github account it’s working fine (make sure you have the right level of authorisation from this github account)