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  • 4 November 2020
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Hi Community folks! 

I am a Looker CSM, and am looking to connect with customers using BigQuery OAuth. 

The feature is fairly new, and I manage a customer interested in connecting with other organizations who have experience with it.


Let me know if that’s you, and if you’d be open to speaking with them about it! 


4 replies

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Bumping this for visibility! If anyone’s out there using BQ Oauth, drop a line here or DM @arobins 

We use Google Ads and my business user wants to connect it to Looker using OAuth.  I saw a doc about setting up OAuth for Looker.  My question is, how do we set up the Connection in the Google Ads block using OAuth (instead of the other details the Connection dialog requests)?

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@mjapha Have you seen this article by chance?

When you create your BigQuery connection in admin/connections there should be an option for Use OAuth. You would generally just need to toggle this on for that connection and ensure that your users have the proper access set up. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.




Thanks Eric!  I’ll use that approach.