Access denied downloading dashboard


I granted access for dashboard for a specific user but when he’s trying downloading report, it fails with error "access denied".

I know that he can display dashboard on looker platform but not downloading it.


Thanks for your help.

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Any idea ?

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Hi LudovicHamard


Could you share with us which permissions are set for the user that is trying to download the file? Perhaps “save_content” ,  download_with_limit and/or download_without_limit permissions are missing  , please take a look at  Looker- Permissions list





Hello @leobardor 


here’s permissions set for this user with “Viewer” role


access_data, clear_cache_refresh, download_without_limit, mobile_app_access, schedule_look_emails, see_drill_overlay, see_lookml_dashboards, see_looks, see_user_dashboards, send_outgoing_webhook, send_to_integration


Thanks for your help

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Hi LudoVicHamard.


Could you try adding “save_content” ,  download_with_limit and/or download_without_limit

  (just for testing)?