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Why is the Update Dependency Button not showing up in the Main Button after changes in remote project

Last tested: Jul 23, 2020

The Problem

After commits are made to a remote project, users ask why they don't get a prompt to update dependencies in the local project where the remote project was imported.

A Solution


Click the button to bring in the remote project files. If this is the first remote dependency you’ve added to your project, updating dependencies will also prompt Looker to create a manifest lock file. Looker uses the manifest lock file to track the version of the remote project(s).
If you specify a Git branch or a Git release tag in the ref subparameter, Looker will check for new commits whenever the Looker IDE refreshes, which happens when a Looker developer goes into Development Mode, performs a Git action in the IDE, or refreshes the browser.
If there are new commits, Looker will display the Update Dependencies button in the IDE so you can bring in the latest remote project files. Once you have the latest files, you can validate your LookML to verify that all of your project’s references work with the updated remote project files. You can then fix any broken references and deploy your changes with no downtime for your users.

The expected behaviour is that the "Automatic Detecting New Versions of a Remote Project" only forces you to update the dependencies with the main button when you also have local changes in the manifest file.

If you don’t have local changes, you can update the dependencies through the dropdown. There should be an option to update dependencies if there are changes (Old IDE)

In the new IDE, it is in the Git Actions Tab. This way users can choose when to update. If one absolutely need to update the dependencies, the button would appear in the dropdown/menu.


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