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Why is my Marketplace visualization blocked by CORS?

Last tested: Sep 1, 2020

This appears as a console warning or error, notifying you that the requested visualization cannot be served due to a cross site origin mismatch. Sometimes, "mime type: html/text" is listed as the resource type. Updating the visualization to serve from our CDN resolves this.

Marketplace visualizations are now served from the Marketplace CDN. Great! What does that mean for me?

- faster load times
- fewer API calls made to the internal server
- minor changes such as bug fixes can be deployed to the visualization without updating from the Marketplace > Manage page
- no more CORS/cookie violations in Incognito mode/some Chrome configurations

What if I want to continue to use the internal server to host my Marketplace visualizations?
This method is not recommended. However, strict security policies will block open access to our CDN and may necessitate hosting on the internal server. If your instance does not meet these network requirements,

• HTTPS port 443 should be open or able to access
• SSH port 22 should be open or able to access
• GIT port 9418 should be open or able to access

you will not be able to use the Marketplace and should follow these directions:

Every Marketplace visualization can be found on Github, in the Looker organization, following the repository naming pattern of "viz-full_name-marketplace". For example, . In this repo, you can find the visualization's minified distribution file. You'll want to drag and drop that file into a LookML project, and define a visualization object in the manifest file which references the viz js file.

// manifest.lkml

visualization: {

id: "multiple-value-internal-server"

file: "multiple_value.js"

label: "Multiple Value"



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