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Why does my embed dashboard load data only in incognito mode but not the normal mode?

  • 15 June 2021
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Last tested: Jan 31, 2019


The Situation

Embedded dashboard loads the tiles correctly in incognito mode, but when you open it in a regular window, then the tiles shows only a dash "-". It looks like the dashboard didn't run at all.

The Solution

As you can open it in incognito mode, it's likely your url is generated correctly. Therefore, the issue might lie in the browser cookies persisting a previous session rather than letting the embed URL create a new session. Let's double check their embed url and see if force_logout_login is set to false - if so, set it to true and try again.

We usually suggest force_logout_login to true . When it's false, it might create some unexpected results, and we haven't seen a good use case for setting it to false.


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