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Why do I see "no results" when drilling from a measure?

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Last tested: May 14, 2020

The Problem

When I drill into a measure, such as a count, I see what is filtered on, and then the query shows "no results"

The Solution

This can occur when there is an error in one of the fields being retrieved. Try "explore from here", or check the Admin -> Queries panel to see if there are any queries with errors. From there, the query can be opened in SQL runner to debug it.

It could also be the case that there just aren't results. Check the drill_fields parameter for the measure and verify that the generated SQL should produce results in their data. (You can get the generated SQL for the drill in the Admin > Queries panel).

Or if you enter a new row limit, hit run, then you can now see the results. This could be due to the drill querying having cached results.


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