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Why do I get the error `We had issues contacting the CDN. Page speed may be impacted`

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Last tested: May 1, 2020


We had issues contacting the CDN. Page speed may be impacted


This issue likely originates from the user's computer or the network that the computer is on. However, it's worth checking using the curl command below to ensure that Looker's CDN is working normally for your host.


  1. If you are on Chrome, try in incognito. If the error goes away:
    1. Clear cache
      1. Or perform a hard reset first, as this may be less intrusive (Command - Shift - R on Mac, Ctrl - F5 on Windows)
    2. Disable adblock
  2. Check if we can reach the CDN for your instance by running this in your terminal:
    1. curl -I -s -X GET -H "Origin:"
    2. HTTP/1.1 200 OK is the expected response
  3. Are all users affected?
    1. Bigger issue, possibly cause by firewall, proxy or ad block
  4. This problem can also likely be remedied by enabling the browser service-worker cache, even if the customer is unable to make changes to their local network to reach the CDN.image.png

Can't I just disable the CDN?

Although you can disable the CDN in the Admin - General settings, it's definitely not ideal to turn off the CDN in almost any situation. Any user that is not within your network and physically close to the server will probably have a slower experience without the CDN. Even people on the same network could have a slower experience due to browser limitations.



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