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Why do I get the error: `There was a problem running the validator`?

  • 5 April 2021
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Last Tested: Mar 11, 2021


Possible Reasons:

  1. Missing | before derived table sql statement for old LookML
  2. There is a non-supported character, like a degree symbol °, ç, ã
  3. include contains an array of object like: include: ["viewname1.view.lkml", "viewname2.view.lkml"]
  4. A dimension includes an action" parameter
  5. A dimension/measure named 'yes' or 'no' or a reserved keyword
  6. A circular reference in the LookML
  7. A never ended sql parameter in the LookML
  8. In a localization file (.strings), there is a wrong # to make a comment instead of a //
  9. In the aggregate table, the timezone is wrapped with [ ]
  10. A field that uses the {% parameter parameter_name %} Liquid variable is being listed in the fields explore parameter.
  11. You have a VPN enabled.
  12. You are using create_process inside of derived tables, without persisting them.

It's none of these!

You may be encountering some unexpected behavior.

If your Looker instance is self-hosted: Grab the Looker logs and search for a 500 event. If you find one, contact Looker Support to report the 500 event.

If your Looker instance is Looker-hosted: Submit a request through and a Looker Support analyst will reach out to you.




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