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Why can't I save a Look? The Save button is grayed out

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Last tested: May 4, 2020

Does the Look title have a % character in it?

When a Look containing a % character in its title (let's call it "% Look"), where if the % were interpreted as a wildcard, the Look's name would match an existing Look (let's call it "named Look"), the % Look cannot have edits to it saved, as the save button will not activate on the % Look unless the title is changed, or the name of the named Look is changed to not wildcard match the % Look.

Edit the Look's title to not match another Look, such as removing the percent symbol, or adding additional characters to the Look's name. (as an example, updating "Waitlist Funnel (%)" to "Waitlist Funnel (percent)" or "Waitlist Funnel - (%)".


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