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Why are some emails greyed out in the admin->users page?

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Last tested: Apr 26, 2019


A greyed out *email credential* means one of two things:
1. the user is disabled
2. external auth is being used and the user does not have the login_special_email permission

Anything related to the external auth system would be shown using a credential of that system ie a SAML credential, etc

Looker is using email/password
User gets created, has email credential
Looker switches to external auth
- option 1: user has login_special_email, email credential remains valid (black), user logs in using external auth, user now has two valid credentials, email credential and external auth credential (both are black)
- option 2: user does not have login_special_email, email credential is no longer valid (greyed out), user must use external auth system, user logs in through external auth and gets an external auth credential (black), the email credential though used to merge by during the user's first external auth login remains greyed out due to lack of permission


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