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Why are my totals not showing up?

  • 17 June 2021
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Last tested: June 2020

  1. Totals only apply to measures. They won't appear on dimensions, or on table calcs prior to Looker 6.2 (See this Community post: Why don't my table calculations have totals). This is because to run a total, we remove the dimensions and re-run the query, so that any measures are "totaled".

  2. If the totals are not showing up for measures either, it may be because a measure filter is filtering out the totals results. The HAVING clause that a measure filter generates for the main query is also generated for the totals query, so the totals row won't show up if the results don't meet the HAVING condition.41382983-56d2ff50-6f23-11e8-8181-1b06b750a69c.png41383507-ef02f954-6f25-11e8-96b6-b53f4132e7b3.png



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