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Why are my timestamps being converted twice? / Multiple timezone conversion

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Last tested; May 31, 2018

You're most likely seeing this because we're referencing a date/time field inside another date/time field. For example, say we have the following:

dimension_group: created {

type: time

timeframes:[date, year, month, quarter, raw]

sql: ${TABLE}.created_at ;;


dimension: bad_date {

type: date_time

sql: date_add(${created_date},1) ;;



If we select the bad_date dimension, we will see multiple timezone conversions applied in the SQL.image.png

Instead, we should use the _raw timeframe like so:

dimension: good_date {

type: date_time

sql: date_add(${created_raw},1) ;;



Which correctly generates only one conversion:



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