Why are my PDTs building on multiple connections?

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Last tested: June 2021


A PDT will build on every model that it is included in. So, if you have several models with include "*.view", then each of those models will include all PDTs that you've defined.

A good solution is to adopt a naming convention for your PDT views. For example, you could make sure your BigQuery PDTs all begin with bq so that you can write:
include "bq*.view" in your model that includes a BigQuery connection.

Then, once you have your PDTs being included that way, you can adopt a similar naming convention for files you want to include in everything (like everywhere_* ) or include them individually.

Here are some other common reasons PDTs would build for multiple models:
 - The PDT is included in multiple models that have different connections.
- The PDT uses a datagroup that is defined differently in different models.
- The PDT is included in multiple models with different case sensitivity settings
- Differences in a dependency PDT between one model and another.




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