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Why are my git deploy webhooks failing after enabling Looker's IP Allowlist?

Last tested: Apr 2, 2021

Looker's IP Allowlist functionality gives Admins the ability to control what IP addresses are able to access their Looker instance. Because Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, etc. all have their own cloud-based git repositories, we'll want to also allowlist the IP addresses for your repository as well. This will allow your git provider to successfully hit Looker's deploy webhook and keep your LookML up-to-date in production. The documentation to find the IP address ranges from some of our supported git providers can be found below:

  • Bitbucket
  • Github; specifically, the hooks array of IP addresses
  • Gitlab **keep in mind these documentation pages are for Bitbucket/Github/Gitlab-hosted repositories. If we're instead using an Enterprise/on-premise version of a git provider, contact the server owners to gather the necessary IP addresses to allowlist.

Once we've identified the IP addresses we'll want to allowlist, head over to the Admin -> IP Allowlist panel and create new entries for each of the IP ranges listed in the above-linked documentation. When doing so, ensure the UI or API? section is set to either UI Only or Both. Because our deploy webhook isn't hitting a Looker API endpoint, it's considered a UI request.

After we've allowlisted the IP ranges for our git provider, try creating a Pull Request and merging it into production to ensure we've restored functionality!


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