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When extending an explore, can I exclude an existing parameter like `always_filter` or `conditionally_filter` on the new extended explore?

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Last tested: May 6, 2020


No, we currently cannot leave out a specific parameter on the extended explore. Check out LookML refinements. Extending a view or an Explore is ideal for scenarios where you want to have multiple versions of the view or Explore. But if your goal is simply to modify a view or an Explore without editing the LookML file that contains it, you may want to use a refinement instead.


Option 1: Use a wildcard value to override (filter parameters only)
For some parameters (like always_filter), you can set its value:`input to anything, like a string wildcard "%". This would override the value in the base explore and only works with string type field

explore: extend_test {

extends: [products_required]

always_filter: {

filters: [brand: "%"]




explore: products_required {

view_name: products

always_filter: {

filters: [brand: "Bag Girls"]




Option 2: Create a new base explore
1. Copy your current base explore (call this "A") into a new base explore (call this "B").
2. Remove the parameter from explore B.
3. Remove everything but the parameter from explore A.
4. Extend B into A.
5. Extend B into the extended explore (call this "C"). Since B doesn't have the parameter, neither will C!


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