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What's in a Marketplace Visualization?

  • 7 May 2021
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Last tested: Apr 22, 2020

For instances >= 6.24, Viz will be served from the project. This project will contain:

  • minified dist file (.js)
  • source (.js, .jsx, .ts)
  • configuration files (package.json, yarn.lock, .babelrc, webpack.config.js)
  • manifest.lkml
  • marketplace.json

You can find these repos by searching for the pattern viz-full_name-marketplace (ex: viz-multiple_value-marketplace or viz-spider-marketplace ) in the looker Github org.

The manifest file contains the LookML visualization object which adds the viz to the instance:

project_name: "viz-packed_bubble-marketplace"

constant: VIS_LABEL {

value: "Packed Bubble"

export: override_optional



constant: VIS_ID {

value: "packed_bubble-marketplace"

export: override_optional



visualization: {

id: "@{VIS_ID}"

file: "packed_bubble.js"

label: "@{VIS_LABEL}"



  1. A project name is defined.
  2. Override-optional constants are defined. The user will have an opportunity to overwrite these in the installer prompt.
  3. The visualization object points to the dist file using the file: parameter. You can also use a url: parameter to point to a CDN or dev server.


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1 reply

It would be a great feature if you could toggle on/off having the viz projects visible in the develop dropdown - definitely understand there could be further customization potentially in the repo, but honestly when you have many visualizations installed it can get a bit hectic.