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What LookML parameters take liquid output and tags?

Last tested: Oct 14, 2020

It can work with various parameters as below:

A = Works with the action parameter
DV = Works with the default_value (for dashboards) parameter
DE = Works with the description parameter at the field level, but will not work with description at the Explore level
F = Works with the filters (for dashboard elements) parameter
H = Works with the html parameter
LA = Works with the label parameters at the field level, including the label parameter, view_label parameter, group_label parameter, and group_item_label parameter, but will not work with label parameters at the model, Explore, view, or reference line level, or with label as a subparameter of link
LI = Works with the link parameter
S = Works with all LookML parameters that begin with sql (e.g. sqlsql_on, and sql_table_name)

You can reference this doc to determine the allowed usage:


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