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What is the parent_id for my folder?

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Last tested: Mar 22, 2020

Use Case:

We want to find metadata about our content so we hit the all_content_metadatas endpoint which requires parent_id as a parameter. How do we find that the parent ID of the folder we're interested in?

Use the folder_parent endpoint, which will take in folder_id as a parameter

  1. Get the folder_id we want the metadata for (can be found in the URL when we go into the space, the # in the example below)
    1. ie. https://[INSTANCE_NAME]/folders/#
  2. Pass the folder_id to the folder_parent (parent_id will be returned as id field from this endpoint
  3. Use the returned id from step 2 as the parameter for our all_content_metadata endpoint

  • parent_id=1  is the "Shared" folder
    • https://[INSTANCE_NAME]/folders/home
  • parent_id=2 is the “People" folder
    • https://[INSTANCE_NAME]/folders/users
  • parent_id=3 is the “Embed Users” folder
    • https://[INSTANCE_NAME]/folders/embed_users
  • parent_id=4 is the “Embed Groups” folder
    • https://[INSTANCE_NAME]/folders/embed_shared


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