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What is the differences between label and view_label?

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Last Tested: May 10, 2018


The label attribute will change how the field is displayed when you explore it, or have it in a dashboard.

The view_label attribute will change the view that references it. It's a really way to re-group things, especially if you've got a few different types of fact tables involved.

For example if we have a LookML field user_facts.number_of_users:

  • Giving it a "label" of 'count' will make it display as USER FACTS Count.
  • Giving it a "view_label" of 'users' will make it display as USERS Number Of Users (and it'll also be grouped under users in the field picker) 
  •  If you do both, you've got USERS Count 

You can find more information about this in this community article!


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