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What happens when you push a PDT to production?

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Last tested: Sep 2019


1. If there is a previous version of this PDT in production, the existing production table will be dropped by the reaper
2. If there is a version of that PDT in dev mode, the dev mode PDT will become the production PDT.
3. If there is not a dev mode version of that PDT, a new PDT will be generated by whichever happens first:

a) a user queries the PDT via an explore/look/dashboard
b) the PDT is triggered the next time the regenerator checks trigger values

Note: if the PDT takes more than an hour to build, explore queries that use this PDT will time out while waiting for this PDT to build. The PDT build will NOT timeout as long as there are no settings on the database that would cause the query to timeout.

Chat tip: If you generate the table for a new PDT in dev mode by querying it, then push to production after it is built, users can immediately query that table without a build timeout.


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