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What happens when we have from and view_name together?

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Last tested: Oct 21, 2019

When you use from and view_name together, from tells Looker what view to actually pull from and view_name can literally be anything. (per Paola)

So for example, say we have something like this:

explore: extension_hidden {  

extension: required  

view_name: any_name_that_i_want  

join: products {    

sql_on: ${} = ${} ;;    

type: left_outer    

relationship: one_to_one  




explore: order_items_3 {  

extends: [extension_hidden]  

from: orders}


The SQL generated in the UI will look like this:


products.brand  AS `products.brand`

FROM demo_db.orders  AS any_name_that_i_want

LEFT JOIN demo_db.products  AS products ON =


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