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What happens when an embed user connects to looker but the user already exists as a regular user in looker?

  • 18 June 2021
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  Last tested: Sep 2020


In this case a new embedded user would be created. There is no way to tie an embed user created from a script to a regular user. For any embedded user that gets created, the primary key/identifier is the external_user_id field that gets passed in.

Since the embed user will be separate from the regular Looker user, and you can only have one Looker session in your browser, this also means that logging in as the embed user will log you out of your regular Looker session. Users can log in as the embed user in an incognito window if they want to avoid interrupting their existing regular Looker user session.


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3 replies

@sam : Will we be able to assign any user attributes to embedded user?

I do not see any edit option to add user attributes to embedded user as shown below. So, how can we implement security for this kind of users? any thoughts?


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This is done in the sso link:

even if you were to edit that user my understanding is that it is recreated or overwritten next time the user is logged in.

you can also manage user attribute values via the group attribute and setting the external group id for the embed user.

Thanks @IanT