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What happens to a schedule of a user after the permission `send to email` is taken out from that user?

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Last tested: Feb 22, 2021

Scenario: "Someone has the permission and sets up an alert, now the permission is taken away, and we want to know if the alert will be working".

  • After the permission send_to_integration is removed from the user, the schedule will not be sent. There will be an error "User missing permission to send to specified destination." for that schedule job in Admin > Schedules History
  • The schedule will not be stopped, it will be triggered to be sent out. However, every time it will show an error in Admin > Schedules History

The reason for the behavior is that every time Looker is sending out a schedule, it will run both a query to a "Schedule" table inside the database to "trigger" a schedule, and then another query to the "User" table to check for permission.

Examples from checking the schedule to move it to different stages

{"duration":"0.000059","sql":"SELECT * FROM \"SCHEDULED_JOB_STAGE\" WHERE (\"SCHEDULED_JOB_STAGE\".\"SCHEDULED_JOB_ID\" = 12603)","t":"2021-02-22T13:16:21.280+00:00","s":"INFO","c":"db:looker"}


Example from checking the user table

{"duration":"0.000100","sql":"SELECT * FROM \"PERMISSION_SET\" WHERE (\"PERMISSION_SET\".\"ID\" IN (1, 3))", "t":"2021-02-22T13:23:04.384+00:00","s":"INFO","c":"db:looker"}



We recommend reassigning the schedule to someone else, or delete the schedule completely to avoid using unnecessary resources.


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