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What git commands are executed under the hood when the "Deploy to Production" button is pressed?

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Last tested: Oct 15, 2018

You are in dev mode, working on a branch dev-john-smith-wxyz in the local repo in the looker/models-user-123/project-foo directory.

When you commit, you commit to the local repo under looker/models-user-123/project-foo and also push your changes to the shared - under the branch dev-john-smith-wxyz.

When you deploy to production, Looker first checks that all the commits in branch master are reflected in dev-john-smith-wxyx. If they are not, then you will need to pull changes and merge. Once that is done, you can deploy to production again. Looker will push dev-john-smith-wxyx to the master branch on When that succeeds it will also then pull master from to the master branch in the local repo in looker/models/project-foo.

If you have pull requests set up, instead of deploying to production Looker will create a pull request against the master branch at When that PR is accepted and merged into master, then github will issue a webhook to That will trigger Looker to pull the contents of master from to looker/models/project-foo.


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