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What does "Cache Reset At" mean in the Datagroups tab?

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Last tested: Jul 4, 2018

"Cache Reset At" refers to the last time the datagroup was "triggered" and cleared all of the cache for the explore/model/pdt. This corresponds to the sql_trigger parameter used in the datagroup definition.

"Cache Reset At" does not account for max_cache_age parameters. It only refers to triggered cache clears. The reason is that max_cache_age does not specify a universal cache expiration across the entire datagroup; it only specifies cache expiration for individual queries.  For example, if you have max_cache_age: "1 hour" , and you run queries at 9:00 and 9:05, those cached queries will expire at 10:00 and 10:05 respectively (assuming they have not been busted by a sql_trigger change first).  So there is no single time that would make sense to display for when the max_cache_age resets.


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