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Using Looker on AWS CloudFormation

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Last tested: Feb 20, 2019

At the moment, we don't have any formal docs written up on using CloudFormation.

The easiest would be to create a linux host, get it all setup by following our installation guide, then create an AMI from it, and create a CloudFormation template to launch a host using that template. However, there might be some difficulties with the data Looker stores on the local disk here when you're migrating an existing Looker implementation (see below). If you're starting with a blank implementation of Looker, the requirements are softer.

For migrating Looker implementations, the looker.jar and the looker startup script are stored on the local drive, plus possibly lookerstart.cfg and a db credentials file if you're using MySQL as the internal database. If you're not using MySQL, you'll be on HyperSQL as internal database for which the file system is stored locally and contains the running state and config of looker. There are also ssh keys and models directories (the full directory structure can be found here. If you're adding a node to an existing cluster or replacing a running machine you'll need some way to make all these things available to the new host.


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