User does not have permission in project error

  • 21 May 2021
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If we are hitting the error “BigQuery connection is hitting this error User does not have permission in project `project_name`” for a connection where we have granted the user the BigQuery Data Editor and  BigQuery Job User role already then we may need to check our value for the `Project Name` parameter in the connection.

For bigQuery connections `Project Name` in the connection panel needs to be  the `Google project ID` rather than the name per our docs here.


In this example we click on the project name Actions in the BQ console which shows us the project ID is actions-279322actions-279322 is the value we need for our looker connection in this case:



2 replies

What if some users get that error and others do not? I don’t think it’s the project name at that point. What do I need to check in BQ so specific users can view the look?  

Using the ProjectID instead of the Project Name does not help. Please help with any other possible suggestions.