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Use dimension type: duration to create a filter denominator

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Last tested: Nov 29, 2018

If we are looking for a way to take the value of a date filter and use it as the denominator for a profit measure to create a daily profit metric.

1. Create a filter only field

2. Create a dimension of type duration and use liquid to extract the `date_start` and `date_end` for the filter

3. Use the duration dimension as the denominator in the measure!


filter: date_filter {

type: date



dimension: number_of_days {

type: duration_day

sql_start: {% date_start date_filter %};;

sql_end: {% date_end date_filter %};;



measure: daily_profit {

type: number

sql: ${profit}/${number_of_days} ;;

value_format_name: usd_0



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